Boiron : two-fold pharmaceutical strength

First, like any pharmaceutical company, Boiron adheres to industry standards. Good manufacturing practices are applied throughout our five production facilities, twenty distribution platforms and presence in 50 countries.

Second, for over 80 years, we have built a unique experience and a distinctive competence and expertise in the manufacturing of very high dilutions like no other.

Innovation serving

Since our creation, our mission is to improve the technical conditions of manufacture to ensure the production of a reproducible and reliable homeopathic medicine. On a daily basis, our teams work to maintain this balance between respect for traditional gestures and constant technological innovation. To this end, we have developed our own industrial tool, designed specifically to meet the unique process of manufacturing which guarantees a perfect reproducibility to our medicines, made available with the same quality all over the world.    

Homeopathic medicines without borders

Boiron is a global group with 20 subsidiaries and a presence in 50 other countries.

More than half of our business is conducted outside of France.

Employing 3,700 united partners in a single enterprise, sharing management practices and common values of genuineness, happiness, thoroughness, kindness and passion.